Friday, December 22, 2006

More interesting pictures in Taiwan

No more words just pictures.

More pictures in Taiwan

Here is Jen taking picture with some stones in Ye Lui.
All roads leads to ROME???

Part of the Pacific Ocean in the background. Really an eyeopener. Dragon Girl in the mouth of a dragon. Ha Ha.
This is President Jiang Jie Shi's Car. It is now in the museum as a picture background.

June 2005 Trip to Jin Men, Taiwan

Finally, we were able to retrieve these previous pictures from the faulty memory stick. What a wonderful christmas present.
Here I am with Toa Gu Gong and Sha Gu Gong (First Grand uncle and Third Grand Uncle). They may be old but trust me, they walk much faster than me and Jen.
Here is Jen taking a picture with Toa Gu Gong and Sha Khim Po in Xiao Jin Men after praying in a local famous temple.
Visiting the local village model with Ah Pek in Jin Men.
Here is a picture of Sha Gu Gong, Sha Khim Po, their daughter-in law and their Granddaughter in front of their house.
Here is me taking a picture with Dee Gu Gong and Dee Khim Po in their son's apartment in Kao Siong in Taiwan. It was really a short visitng but it bronght great memory.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Friday Night Market at Surfers Paradise

Some stalls put up sign for NO PHOTO TAKING ALLOW therefore only manage to get this pics.

Movie World Parade and Stunt Shows

The stunt shows was really well done and I manage to trick Charlie to go for a roller coaster ride (unintentionally).

Trip to Burleigh Heads - Mowbray Park

We decided to get a little adventurous and travel by bus out of Surfers Paradise. The bus trip cost us AUD$12.00 for two pax. Here are some pics.

More about the trip

We visited the hypermart area call Harbour Town. Took a bus there that cost us AUD $12.00 for two pax. Charlie bought a box of 5kg cherry for AUD$ 2 but we found out later that most of it were mouldy. We manage to savage about 800g of cherries. Still it was a real bagain. See here's how he enjoyed the cherries at his AUD$ 30 Sea view balcony.

PS. He also bought 2 boxes of mangoes for AUD$20 which have 18 mangoes in one box. The room have a strong scent of mangoes after the trip to Harbour Town.